Wednesday , October 18, 2017
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Hey there!

My name is Bella and this is my awesome website, where you will find all kinds of dog-friendly stuff!


Check out the ‘Recipes’ section for great homemade dog treat recipes, or browse on over to ‘Product Reviews’ to read reviews about doggy products that I love (or don't).


Be sure to check out my social links to get your daily dose of cuteness and see what fun and interesting things I am getting my paws into! You may even catch Jasper (my Partner in Crime and BFF) making the occasional appearance, eating my food, and being generally tolerant of me (but not necessarily interested in me).


Looking forward to seeing you around!


- Bella Lambchop


Things Bella Likes

  • Orangutan Sees A Magic Trick
  • Dogs Who Pretend To Not Care About Owners Food
  • You wouldn’t abandon your child, so why do that to a dog?
  • Dogs Who Fail At Being Dogs