Kirby the Protector – A Tale of Chihuahua Heroism

Kirby the Protector

This is a story of untold (if foolish) bravery.

Since the day we brought him home a little more than two years ago, Kirby, my rescue Chihuahua has been very protective of both my wife and I.

We believe that he has seen more than his fair share of domestic violence in his time here on Earth.

We don’t know for sure, but we base this assumption on the fact that he immediately springs into action and right into the middle of ‘the fray,’ as it were.

You see, when Kirby is around, even so much as giving a high-five will get you growled at, maybe even bitten.

He will most definitely rush toward you snarling as a warning to stop doing whatever the offending behavior was.

When we have guests over, we have to warn them about making movements that Kirby might perceive as violence toward his family.

So we give them the rundown…

“Kirby is super protective,” we say, “so don’t make any sudden moves, don’t reach to shake hands, give high fives, pat anyone on the shoulder, or anywhere else. He’s a biter.”

It’s a bit annoying but we’ve learned that he just can’t be trusted to not bite, as he has proven by biting us and just about everyone we know, including some strangers.

When my wife was pregnant with our first, Kirby became uncharacteristically fond of her, almost always at her side.

I think he knew she was pregnant before either of us.

A Tale of Chihuahua Heroism

All through the pregnancy he was overly protective of her. Out on walks he would go apeshit on any passerby, barking and snarling hysterically until the ‘threat’ had passed by.

Now she’s pregnant again and he is just as much the furious protector as ever.

I genuinely worry about his safety if he ever gets loose. He will either start a fight with a much bigger dog, which he will likely not survive, or bite a stranger, in which case we will all be in a world of hurt.

Though he has mellowed out over the past two years, and we have had success using Doggy Dan’s training methods, Kirby is still Kirby, and I have a feeling we will all be walking on eggshells around him until his passing.

Nevertheless, he is a part of our family, now, and forever, and we love him, so we just deal with his idiosyncrasies as best we can.

I have to admit, he does have his snuggle game on lock, and anytime either my wife or I are having a bad day, Kirby knows just what to do.

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