As bloggers, we will sometimes receive free products. This however, does not influence our review of the product. We take pride in fully disclosing to or readers what our honest opinions are of that product.

We may receive compensation to review or sponsor a product, if that is the case the blog post will clearly be labeled that the post was sponsored by such and such company.

We do participate in the Amazon Associates program. If you make a purchase on Amazon using our affiliate links, we will get a very small referral fee. Don’t fret – Your purchases are completely confidential! We have no idea as to who makes a purchase or for what it was for, and there is no difference in price whether you use our links or go through Amazon directly! By clicking through and using our affiliate links you are actively helping to keep this blog going though.

When we host a giveaway on our blog the prizes may sometimes be provided by the makers of the product. Other times we will purchase the prizes ourselves to give to the winner(s).  If the prize is provided by the maker, we will clearly make that known.


We take the privacy of or readers very seriously.

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